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Who We Are

We are specialized on Victimology and Restorative Justice with Public Health background. One of our endeavors is to benefit poor households through enhanced uses of law and quality compliant education, and also hope that We would be able to make synergy between the health, nutrition education and agriculture sector and legal framework for better health and nutrition as right for the poor and marginalized population.

Directed by

Lubna Yeasmin<br>Head of Chambers<br>Lubna & Associates <br> Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Lubna Yeasmin
Head of Chambers
Lubna & Associates
Advocate, Supreme Court of Bangladesh

Lubna Yeasmin is a practicing lawyer of Supreme Court of Bangladesh with public health background and Head of Appropriate Initiative and Lubna & Associates. Besides practicing in the Court She works as a resource speaker in Judicial Administration Training Institute (JATI) as a Public Health Resource Speaker in the Foundation Courses for the newly appointed from 2014. She worked with Law Commission Bangladesh as a Researcher and conducted a research on Medical negligence which was a mixed method Study. She wrote a book in Bangla based on the research named “Medical negligence Bangladesh Scenario” which has been published in the year 2017 and 2nd Edition in 2018. She has 21 years of working experienc for the development of Bangladesh particularly in the field of Health, Nutrition and Agriculture sector targeting women and children’s health . Wherever Lubna has worked, she tried to contribute and utilize her different capacities and skills in efficient manner which she has gathered throughout her career.

Lubna has worked with Private sector, National NGO like Family Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB), UN and other development organizations like PSU of CIDA and KFW of GTZ, FAO, and AVRDC (USAID Horticulture Project). She worked extensively with UNICEF & Nutrition International former name Micronutrient Initiative (MI Bangladesh) in the area of Health, Nutrition (Fortification, Supplementation & Dietary Diversification), Education and Training for 8 years. She participated as a Resource Speaker (Trainer) in “Trainers Training Program on Nutrition” organized by Applied Nutrition and Human Resource Development Board (BAN-HRDB) of the Ministry of Agriculture for many year. Lubna prepared different training modules, handouts and guidelines translated in to Bangla from English for better & effective communication. She has travelled across the country for conducting those training. Though Lubna is an Advocate but her heart beats on Public Health. Basically She is a senior development Professional. She tries to slove a problem and work for the benefit of her clients.

Lubna is excellent in working on case studies. Her academic background and experience has enriched her on this. Few mentionable studies are: one of her case study report has been published as a book by two renowned publishers in Bangladesh named “When Adolescent Girls are Victims of Violence” under Institute of Social Welfare and Research, Dhaka University both Bangla and in English. And her MPH independent research work on “ Appropriate cooking practice by preserving nutrient “ under JPGSPH, BRAC University, has been adopted by the USAID Horticulture project as message tools for overcoming malnutrition. She has  Coordinated a research work on “Human and Economic Impact of Reproductive Health Supplies Shortages and Stock-outs in Bangladesh” with Human Development Research Centre (HDRC) at FPAB. Lubna is very much comfortable taking interviews of high officials, community people and also with vulnerable population in our country, Bangladesh. She efficiently coordinated FGDs and in-depth interviews as well. She has prepared different training modules, handouts and guidelines translated in to Bangla from English for better & effective communication.

She has traveled across the country for conducting this training. She have been associated with Corporate Legal Practice since 2010 including all other legal matters. She is a freelance writer and writes regularly in different social pages in native language. Lubna Loves traveling and gardening. She is very fond of music.

She has traveled few countries among those are UK, USA, CANADA, SINGAPORE, THAILAND, IRAN, UAE, PAKISTAN, INDIA, NEPAL, TAIWAN, & MALAYSIA.

  • 2015-Present


    Supreme Court of Bangladesh and Public Health Professional

  • 2014-Present

    Resource Speaker

    Juditial Administration and Training Institute (JATI)

  • 2014-Present

    Public Health Lawyer


    Working for the development of Vaccination Act 2018.

  • 2014-2016


    LAW Commission, Bangladesh

  • 2013

    Nutrition Coordinator

    USAID Horticulture Project

  • 2009-Present

    Managing Director

    Appropriate Initiative for Development (AIFD)

  • 2008

    Coordinator, Project Resource Mobilization and Awareness (PRMA)

    Familly Planning Association of Bangladesh (FPAB)

  • 2000-2006

    Consultant, Micronutrient Initiative, PSU of CIDA

    Project Support Unit , CIDA

  • 1999-2000

    Consultant, Programme Assistant

    UNICEF Bangladesh

    Health and Nutrition Section and Education Section

  • 1996-1997

    Confidential Secretary to the Marketing Director